Tracy Connelly was killed on Sunday the 21st of July. Her death, like that of any woman who is violently murdered, is raw, real and terrifying. Her friends, people at who I love very dearly, are holding each other up, trying to plot the painful course of saying a premature goodbye to someone they adored. They loved her because, in the words of my dear friend and CEO of St Kilda Gatehouse, Sally Tonkin, “She was such a classy, beautiful, funny, caring and humble woman.”

These are some articles about her, the ways in which you can support her community, and the details for her candlelight vigil:

ABC’s Kerri Ritchie

The Leader’s Dana McCauly

Jane Gilmore at The King’s Tribune, and the follow up.

Michellina Van Loder on the details of the vigil.

January 12

Michellina Van Loder previews Red Light Dark Room on her blog.

“…some of the images in Red Light Dark Room: Sex, Lives and Stereotypes are confronting: shocking-in-the-way-you-just-wish-you-hadn’t-of-looked kind of way. The images are searingly honest and captured in this way because the reality of life on the streets is not pretty. The qualities of youth and beauty (values held highly within our society) are juxtaposed against dark streets, scars of self-harm and broken dreams. The women, and some are just girls, bare their pain, raw for all to see. Self-harm and drug addiction are common themes in Red Light Dark Room. So are children and family. And then there are the women who have been out on the streets, dealing with our society’s undercurrent of misogynistic hatred and disrespect for people like them for too damn long. They need a break, a life-changing one! It’s not Underbelly. It’s not glamorous. But it is true.”


January 13
An image that I took as part of the Red Light Dark Room project has been named Photo of The Week on PhotoPhilanthropy, a San Franciscan based photography organisation. Find it here.


December 14
An interview with Skye and Grace from the 4ZZZ Book Club about Red Light Dark Room is online here.

An interview with Dan Blundell in Scene magazine previewing the Brisbane Powerhouse show is here.

December 6
A blog from Mil’s News on the show at the Powehouse here.

“Although the photographs are visually interesting, what really struck me was the prose that accompanied them. Turnbull has a way with words, using exquisite terms of phrase, pulling one deeper into the lives of the people she observes.”

December 1
A blog from Mumma Vegas about the Red Light Dark Room show at the Brisbane Powerhouse here.

“As uncomfortable a fact as it is that people are forced by circumstance to live through hells such as those depicted within Turnbull’s collection, I cannot ignore my resolve to congratulate her for presenting this world most unknown and allowing me the opportunity to really acknowledge the existence of human hope.”

November 25
Article on Red Light Dark Room in The Courier Mail.

May 21
Roel Loopers reviews the book on his blog Freo’s View here.

May 2
Interview with Sally Tonkin, CEO of St Kilda Gathouse in The Age. I stepped in to answer the live blog questions about St Kilda Gatehouse and Red Light Dark Room. Find it here.

Mention about the Red Light Dark Room in an article about the Head On Photo Festival in the Daily Telegraph.

April 27
Article on Red Light Dark Room in The Northern Star (the newspaper I started my career at) here.

April 26
An article by Michael Green published in The Big Issue about Red Light, illustrated with images by the participants, can be found here.

April 18
Article on Red Light Dark Room in The Melbourne Weekly online here.

April 5
Article on Red Light Dark Room in The Port Phillip Leader online here.

April 3
The Red Light Dark Room project on the front page of The Sunday Age. Find the online article here:

March 7
Melinda Tankard Reist shared the project and one of my articles here.

“Visit Gemma’s site. You’ll see some profoundly arresting and affecting photos of some of the most marginalised and oppressed women in our society. Trading sex for money or drugs is replete with hazards, and many suffer physical and mental health issues. Gemma-Rose brings these women from the margins of our gaze to the centre. Gemma-Rose wrote the following piece about some of the young women she has encountered through this project. I hope you will be moved…I was.”

A feature from the Alliance Magazine. The Alliance Française is where Red Light Dark Room was launched. Find it here.

February 16
The renowned Colin Pantall asked me and a whole heap of other (amazing!) photographers how we measured sucess. This is my answer here.


December 4
This is an article about the challenges of photographing Red Light Dark Room that was originally published by Lee Grant for the Head On Photography Festival blog here.

October 3
The Queensland Centre of Photography publication Lucide published an article I wrote about Red Light Dark Room here.

“It’s 18 past one on a Wednesday afternoon and BP. stirs on the couch to the annoying ring tone of her phone. Surprised she has roused herself to answer (as its rung a half dozen unanswered times in the last hour) I look up from my computer and listen. She’s drugged and sleep deprived, hazy from the heaviness of her brief slumber. Her words are slurred and its not just me that takes a while to recognize the sounds she pieces together, I can hear the guy on the other end asking her to repeat herself.

“It’s $250 baby”, she slurs, “$250 with another girl… oh, anytime baby… In a couple of hours?” The transaction continues and I keep one ear half on it, but resume typing. I’m immune to these phone calls now, and the day must continue, I have many things to do. She comes to an agreement with the guy and hangs up the phone with a “Call me later baby” and rolls back to sleep (but not before she mutters something disparaging about filthy mugs and their filthy dicks)…”